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When the world had gone into perfection, the Dark was forced underground. But now, the gates have broken, the wall has fallen the Dark has returned. Peace will once again be corrupted as those forced out will slowly trickle back in. Welcome to the land of
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 Cross Chaos

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†Cross Chaos†

†Cross Chaos†

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PostSubject: Cross Chaos   Sat Dec 25, 2010 2:15 am

Cross Chaos

Name: Cross Chaos
Age: 21
Date of Birth: 8/21 (Year unknown)
Hair color: Chocolate Brown (has been known to grow a bit longer when he is charging.)
Eye color: Blue and has been known to change into a Deep Green.
Height: 6'5
Weight: 178 pounds.
Race: Devil
Nicknames: Lion of Darkness, and Deamon (Names he has gotten along the way)

History: Cross Chaos was a criminal for having been known to attack people without warning and or is highly unstable in close to death situations. Escaping of a life time of prisonment, he has been on the roll causing trouble and or chaos again. His childhood was chaotic for his family was brutely murdered by bandits and thus this changed him entirely. On the road of freedom again, he plays it cool and trys to hide his major intentions of creating chaos and has been know to be addicted to it. Having no fear over anything, as well as feeling pain he is a pretty emo kind of guy but there are times when he is so gentle and so caring it scares himself, but he does this to give people false security. His weapon is deadly, His strength is scary, his intentions wicked, along with devil like speed. He likes to put the hurt on people, but that is only when he is cornered. Believe it or not, his chaotic side only appears when he his cornered. The rest about him is a mystery, when he will attack again is also a mystery. But when he does demons, or actually anything should move for he will not hesitate to strike.

Cross Chaos got his names from many people who feared him. Not caring and being lazy he moved on for nothing interested him, girls and money were the only things that interested him. Other times however he will just react to weird things. Everything else is undetermined and will be shared over time.

likes: Stalking, Eating steaks, Being himself, Chaos,
Dislikes: Angels, Bratty kids,
fears: Getting captured by the police again which will bound him in a life time of prisonment. Being cornered.
Favorite thing: His weapon which is like a sword/gun.
Family: Deceased
One interesting fact: Cross Chaos can float down as if he had a paracute for which is how he can survive high falls like cliffs and such.
Quote: "Heh, you can run but you can't hide. I'll find you and when I do. I'll show you the true demise that befalls scum like you!?!"
power: Has been known to use the darkness for his advantage , Strength that is in human, and the ability to make his own bullets for his gun like sword.
requested rank: The Chaos Prince
requested village: City of Loss
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PostSubject: Re: Cross Chaos   Sat Dec 25, 2010 2:18 am

You may call me Sila or Silvia, if you wish


My precious, Koi
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Cross Chaos
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